Accepted Papers

Full Papers

The papers' titles and/or author lists are subject to changes in the final versions.

[12] ANEMONE: An effective minimal ontology negotiation environment
Jurriaan van Diggelen, Robbert Jan Beun, Frank Dignum, Rogier van Eijk, John-Jules Meyer
[19] Complexity and Succinctness of Public Announcement Logic
Carsten Lutz
[20] On the Semantics of Conditional Commitment
Shakil Khan, Yves Lesperance
[38] Resource Selection Games with Unknown Number of Players
Itai Ashlagi, Dov Monderer, Moshe Tennenholtz
[44] Junta Distributions and the Average-Case Complexity of Manipulating Elections
Ariel Procaccia, Jeffrey Rosenschein
[45] The Communication Complexity of Coalition Formation Among Autonomous Agents
Ariel Procaccia, Jeffrey Rosenschein
[48] Distributed Navigation in an Unknown Physical Environment
Arnon Gilboa, Ariel Felner, Amnon Meisels
[54] Sequences of Take-It-or-Leave-It Offers: Near-Optimal Auctions Without Full Valuation Revelation
Tuomas Sandholm, Andrew Gilpin
[60] Accident or Intention: That Is the Question (in the Noisy Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma)
Tsz-Chiu Au, Dana Nau
[63] Nogood-based Asynchronous Distributed Optimization (ADOPT-ng)
Marius Silaghi, Makoto Yokoo
[68] Contextualizing Commitment Protocols
Amit Chopra, Munindar Singh
[69] Agent Interface Enhancement For Efficient Multiagent Probabilistic Inference
Yang Xiang, Kun Zhang
[80] Adaptive Resource Allocation and Diagnostics Using Cooperative Information-Sharing Strategies
Partha Dutta, Nick Jennings, Luc Moreau
[82] Certified Reputation: How an Agent Can Trust a Stranger
Trung Dong Huynh, Nick Jennings, Nigel R. Shadbolt
[85] Multi-Robot Learning with Particle Swarm Optimization
Jim Pugh, Alcherio Martinoli
[87] Power and Negotiation - Lessons from Agent-Based Participatory Simulations
Paul Guyot, Alexis Drogoul, Shinichi Honiden
[88] Efficient agents for Cliff Edge environments with a large set of decision options
Ron Katz, Sarit Kraus
[90] A complete and decidable security-specialised logic and its application to the TESLA protocol
Bozena Wozna, Alessio Lomuscio
[96] An Argumentation-based Approach for Practical Reasoning
Iyad Rahwan, Leila Amgoud
[103] RPD-Enabled Agents Teaming with Human for Multi-Context Decision Making
Xiaocong Fan, Bingjun Sun, Shuang Sun, Michael McNeese, John Yen
[114] On using Multi-agent Systems in Playing Board Games
Stefan Johansson
[118] False-name-proof Combinatorial Auction Protocol
Makoto Yokoo, Toshihiro Matsutani, Atsushi Iwasaki
[132] Agents for e-Business Applications
Alessandro Negri, Agostino Poggi, Michele Tomaiuolo, Paola Turci
[133] MDPOP: Faithful Distributed Implementation of Efficient Social Choice Problems
Adrian Petcu, Boi Faltings, David Parkes
[135] On the Logic of Coalitional Games
Thomas Agotnes, Wiebe van der Hoek, Michael Wooldridge
[136] A Novel Method for Automatic Strategy Acquisition in N-player Non-zero-sum Games
Steve Phelps, Marek Marcinkiewicz, Simon Parsons, Peter McBurney
[137] Model checking knowledge, strategies, and games in multi-agent systems
Franco Raimondi, Alessio Lomuscio
[146] Solution Sets for DCOPs and Graphical Games
Jonathan Pearce, Rajiv Maheswaran, Milind Tambe
[148] Decentralized planning under uncertainty for teams of communicating agents
Matthijs Spaan, Nikos Vlassis, Geoffrey J. Gordon
[149] Multi-Model Motion Tracking under Multi-Agent Actuators
Gu Yang, Manuela Veloso
[152] Robust Game Play Against Unknown Opponents
Nathan Sturtevant, Michael Bowling
[154] Forming Efficient Agent Groups for Completing Complex Tasks
Efrat Manisterski, Esther David, Sarit Kraus, Nick Jennings
[159] Predicting partner's behaviour in agent negotiation
Jakub Brzostowski, Ryszard Kowalczyk
[166] Reducing Price Fluctuation in Continuous Double Auctions through Pricing Policy and Shout Improvment
Jinzhong Niu, Simon Parsons, Elizabeth Sklar, Kai Cai
[175] Towards Autonomous Mobile Agents with Emergent Migration Behaviour
Tino Schlegel, Peter Braun, Ryszard Kowalczyk
[176] Trust and Honour in Information-based Agency
Carles Sierra, John Debenham
[178] Artifacts for Time-Aware Agents
Cedric Dinont, Emmanuel Druon, Philippe Mathieu, Patrick Taillibert
[180] The Cost of Social Agents
Guido Governatori, Antonino Rotolo, Vineet Nair
[183] Total Performance by Local Agent Selection Strategies in Multi-Agent Systems
Toshiharu Sugawara, Satoshi Kurihara, Toshio Hirotsu, Kensuke Fukuda, Shin-ya Sato, Osamu Akashi
[185] Performance Analysis of Untraceability Protocols for Mobile Agents Using an Adaptable Framework
Rafal Leszczyna, Janusz Gorski
[198] Multi-Agent Strategic Modeling in a Robotic Soccer Domain
Andraz Bezek, Matjaz Gams, Ivan Bratko
[201] Hierarchical Planning in BDI Agent Programming Languages: A Formal Approach
Sebastian Sardina, Lavindra de Silva, Lin Padgham
[207] Probabilistic Policy Reuse in a Reinforcement Learning Agent
Fernando Fernandez, Manuela Veloso
[213] Model Checking for Multivalued Logic of Knowledge and Time
Wojciech Penczek, Beata Konikowska
[220] Temporal Qualitative Coalitional Games
Thomas Agotnes, Wiebe van der Hoek, Michael Wooldridge
[224] Modular BDI Architecture
Peter Novak, Juergen Dix
[226] Goal-Oriented Modularity in Agent Programming
M. Birna van Riemsdijk, Mehdi Dastani, John-Jules Meyer, Frank de Boer
[231] On the Response of EMT-based Control to Interacting Targets and Models
Zinovi Rabinovich, Jeffrey Rosenschein
[236] Gradient Field-Based Task Assignment in an AGV Transportation System
Danny Weyns, Nelis Boucke, Tom Holvoet
[239] Integrating Parallel Interactions into Cooperative Search
Efrat Manisterski, David Sarne, Sarit Kraus
[241] Camera-based Observation of Football Games for Analyzing Multi-agent Activities
Michael Beetz, Suat Gedikli, Bernhard Kirchlechner, Alexis Maldonado
[252] Reasoning about Action and Cooperation
Luigi Sauro, Jelle Gerbrandy, Wiebe van der Hoek, Michael Wooldridge
[256] Logics for Propositional Control
Jelle Gerbrandy
[265] Tractable Negotiation in Tree-structured Domains
Yann Chevaleyre, Ulle Endriss, Nicolas Maudet
[272] On the Complexity of Practical ATL Model Checking
Wiebe van der Hoek, Alessio Lomuscio, Michael Wooldridge
[283] Uniform Choices in STIT
Nicolas Troquard, Andreas Herzig
[287] Awareness as a vital ingredient of teamwork
Rineke Verbrugge, Barbara Keplicz
[294] Automated Semantic Web Service Discovery with OWLS-MX
Matthias Klusch, Benedikt Fries, Mahboob Alam Khalid, Katia Sycara
[296] Instantiating the Contingent Bids Model of Truthful Interdependent Value Auctions
Takayuki Ito, David Parkes
[302] Learning from Induced Changes in Opponent (Re)Actions in Multi-Agent Games
Pieter Jan't Hoen, Sander Bohte, Han La Poutre
[318] Modeling one Human Decision-Maker with a Multi-Agent System : the CODAGE approach
Jean-Daniel Kant, Samuel Thiriot
[324] Designing a Successful Trading Agent for Supply Chain Management
Minghua He, Alex Rogers, Nick Jennings, Xudong Luo
[327] A Multi-Agent System that Facilitates Scientific Publications Search
Aliaksandr Birukou, Enrico Blanzieri, Paolo Giorgini
[329] Using CHI-Scores to Reward Honest Feedback from Repeated Interactions
Radu Jurca, Boi Faltings
[338] Learning the Task Allocation Game
Sherief Abdallah, Victor Lesser
[349] A Utility based sensing and communication model for a glacial sensor network
Paritosh Padhy, Rajdeep Dash, Kirk Martinez, Nick Jennings
[364] Scalable and Reliable Data Delivery in Mobile Ad Hoc Sensor Networks
Bin Yu, Paul Scerri, Katia Sycara, Yang Xu, Michael Lewis
[365] Failures of the VCG Mechanism in Combinatorial Auctions and Exchanges
Vincent Conitzer, Tuomas Sandholm
[369] Reducing Costly Information Acquisition in Auctions
Kate Larson
[373] Efficient Agent-Based Cluster Ensembles
Adrian Agogino, Kagan Tumer
[374] Efficient Agent-Based Models for Non-Genomic Evolution
Nachi Gupta, Adrian Agogino, Kagan Tumer
[390] Ontology-Guided Learning to Improve Communication between Groups of Agents
Mohsen Afsharchi, Behrouz Far, Joerg Denzinger
[392] Computationally Efficient and Revenue Optimized Auctioneer's strategy for Expanding Auctions
Onn Shehory, Eran Dror
[398] How to simulate this brainstorm?
Bruno Goncalves, Sofia Esteves, Antonio Lopes, Luis Botelho
[402] Learning Trust Strategies in Reputation Exchange Networks
Karen Fullam, K. Suzanne Barber
[403] Learning the Required Number of Agents for Complex Tasks
Sebastien Paquet, Brahim Chaib-draa
[407] Examining DCSP Coordination Tradeoffs
Michael Benisch, Norman Sadeh
[408] Predicting People's Bidding Behavior in Negotiation
Yakov Gal, Avi Pfeffer
[411] Security in multiagent systems by policy randomization
Praveen Paruchuri, Milind Tambe, Fernando Ordonez, Sarit Kraus
[414] Continuous Refinement of Agent Resource Estimates
David Morley, Karen Myers, Neil Yorke-Smith
[418] Monopolising Markets by Exploiting Trust
Sandip Sen, Dipyaman Banerjee
[420] Solving Interactive POMDPs Exactly Using Behavioral Equivalence
Bharanee Rathnasabapathy, Prashant Doshi, Piotr Gmytrasiewicz
[421] Effect of joining decisions on peer clusters
Stephane Airiau, Sandip Sen, Prithviraj Dasgupta
[423] History-based Traffic Control
Gabriel Balan, Sean Luke
[428] Learning Empathy: A Data-Driven Framework for Modeling Empathetic Companion Agents
Scott McQuiggan, James Lester
[432] Specifying and Resolving Preferences Among Agent Interaction Patterns
Ashok Mallya, Munindar Singh
[435] Games with Possibly Unaware Players
Leandro Rego, Joseph Halpern
[436] Real-Time Adaptive A*
Sven Koenig, Maxim Likhachev
[437] Agent Interaction in Distributed MDPs and its Implications on Complexity
Jiaying Shen, Raphen Becker, Victor Lesser
[438] Communication Management Using Abstraction in Distributed Bayesian Networks
Jiaying Shen, Victor Lesser
[439] Toward an Understanding of the Impact of Personal Assistants on Human Organizations
Steven Okamoto, Paul Scerri, Katia Sycara
[443] Multiply-Constrained Distributed Constraint Optimization
Emma Bowring, Milind Tambe, Makoto Yokoo
[450] On Proactivity and Maintenance Goals
Simon Duff, James Harland, John Thangarajah
[451] Embodied Mobile Agents
Bill Tomlinson, Man Lok Yau, Eric Baumer
[455] U-DIRECTOR: A Decision-Theoretic Narrative Planning Architecture for Storytelling Environments
Bradford Mott, James Lester
[458] Robust Recognition of Physical Team Behaviors Using Spatio-temporal Models
Gita Sukthankar, Katia Sycara
[470] Learning against multiple opponents
Thuc Vu, Rob Powers, Yoav Shoham
[474] Performance of Pheromone Model for Predicting Traffic Congestion
Yasushi Ando, Osamu Masutani, Hirotoshi Iwasaki, Yoshiaki Fukazawa, Shinichi Honiden
[482] How Autonomy Oriented Computing (AOC) Tackles a Computationally Hard Optimization Problem
Xiao-Feng Xie, Jiming Liu
[483] A Robust Combinatorial Auction Mechanism against Shill Bidders
Tokuro Matsuo, Takayuki Ito, Robert Day, Toramatsu Shintani
[488] Multiple UAV Task Allocation using Negotiation
Sujit B, Arpita Sinha, Debasish Ghose
[492] Modeling Agents and Interactions in Agricultural Economics
Daisuke Torii, Toru Ishida, Francois Bousquet
[500] How Equitable Is Rational Negotiation?
Sylvia Estivie, Yann Chevaleyre, Ulle Endriss, Nicolas Maudet
[506] Learnable Behavioural Model for Autonomous Virtual Agents: Low-Level Learning
Toni CONDE, Daniel Thalmann
[508] A Context-Aware Approach for Service Selection Using Ontologies
Murat Sensoy, Pinar Yolum
[510] Support-based Distributed Search
Peter Harvey, Chee Fon Chang, Aditya Ghose
[524] Agents Negotiating via Argumentation
Antonis Kakas, Pavlos Moraitis
[534] Selecting Informative Actions Improves Cooperative Multiagent Learning
Panait Liviu, Sean Luke
[536] The Use of Agents in Human Learning Systems
Elizabeth Sklar, Debbie Richards
[537] A Flexible Framework for Representing Personality in Agents
Andre Campos, Emanuel Santos, Rodrigo Soares, Anne Canuto, Joao Alchieri
[559] Mathematical Programming for Deliberation Scheduling in Time-limited Domains
Jianhui Wu, Edmund Durfee
[563] Mertacor: A Successful Autonomous Trading Agent
Panos Toulis, Dionisis Kehagias, Pericles Mitkas
[566] Social Coordination without Communication in Multi-Agent Territory Exploration Tasks
Paul Schermerhorn, Matthias Scheutz
[571] Analyzing characteristics of task structures to develop GPGP coordination mechanisms
Wei Chen, Keith Decker
[576] Winning back the cup for distributed POMDPs: Planning over continuous belief spaces
Pradeep Varakantham, Ranjit Nair, Milind Tambe, Makoto Yokoo
[577] On the relationship between MDPs and the BDI architecture
Gerardo Simari, Simon Parsons
[584] Monotonic Concession Protocols for Multilateral Negotiation
Ulle Endriss
[586] A Technique for Reducing Normal Form Games to Compute a Nash Equilibrium
Vincent Conitzer, Tuomas Sandholm
[603] Optimal Decision-Making With Minimal Waste: Strategyproof Redistribution of VCG Payments
Ruggiero Cavallo
[608] Evaluating a Computational Model of Social Causality and Responsibility
Wenji Mao, Jon Gratch
[615] Resource Allocation Among Agents with Preferences Induced by Factored MDPs
Dmitri Dolgov, Edmund Durfee
[616] Reinforcement Learning for Declarative Optimization-Based Drama Management
Mark Nelson, David Roberts, Charles Isbell, Michael Mateas
[638] ReAgents: Behavior-based Remote Agents and Their Performance
Eugene Hung, Joseph Pasquale
[640] Negotiating using Rewards
Sarvapali Ramchurn, Carles Sierra, Lluis Godo, Nick Jennings
[643] Integrating Agent-Oriented Methodologies with UML-AT
Ruben Fuentes-Fernandez, Jorge Gomez-Sanz, Juan Pavon
[664] Multi-Agent Based Peer-to-Peer Information Retrieval Systems With Concurrent Search Sessions
Haizheng Zhang, Victor Lesser
[673] A Hierarchical Approach to Efficient Reinforcement Learning in Deterministic Domains
Carlos Diuk, Michael Littman, Alexander Strehl

Short Papers

The papers' titles and/or author lists are subject to changes in the final versions.

[10] Norm-Oriented Programming of Electronic Institutions
Andres Garcia-Camino, Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Aguilar, Carles Sierra, Wamberto Vasconcelos
[15] Emotion-based Norm Enforcement and Maintenance in Multi-Agent Systems
Julia Fix, Christian von Scheve, Daniel Moldt
[21] Negotiation Coalitions in Group-Choice Multi-Agent Systems
Tom Wanyama, Behrouz Far
[29] A Comparison between mechanisms for Sequential Compute Resource Auctions
Byde Andrew
[31] A General, Agent-Based Model of Pedestrian Dynamics: from Lane Formation to Auditorium Evacuation
Marcelo Toyama, Ana Bazzan, Roberto da Silva
[34] Negotiation-based coalitions in the physical world
Majid Ali Khan, Ladislau Boloni
[35] Modeling Flexible Social Commitments and their Enforcement
Philippe Pasquier, Roberto Flores, Brahim Chaib-draa
[36] Integrating Social Commitment-Based Communication in Cognitive Agent Modeling
Philippe Pasquier, Brahim Chaib-draa
[46] Learning to Identify Winning Coalitions in the PAC Model
Ariel Procaccia, Jeffrey Rosenschein
[52] A Model of Emotions for Situated Agents
Van Parunak, Robert Bisson, Sven Brueckner, Robert Matthews, John Sauter
[53] Modeling Uncertain Domains with Polyagents
Van Parunak, Sven Brueckner
[70] Robust Mechanisms for Information Elicitation
Aviv Zohar, Jeffrey Rosenschein
[79] Verifying space and time requirements for resource-bounded agents
Natasha Alechina, Piergiorgio Bertoli, Chiara Ghidini, Mark Jago, Brian Logan, Luciano Serafini
[83] A formal model for designing dialogue strategies
Leila Amgoud, Nabil Hameurlain
[84] MLBP: MAS for Large-Scale Biometric Pattern Recognition
Ram Meshulam, Shulamit Reces, Aner Yarden, Sarit Kraus
[94] Smart Home Agent for plan recognition
Bruno Bouchard, Abdenour Bouzouane, Sylvain Giroux
[97] Information-theoretic approaches to branching in search
Andrew Gilpin, Tuomas Sandholm
[98] Applying Queuing and Probability Theory to Predict Organizational Behaviors
Bryan Horling, Victor Lesser
[99] Distributed Automatic Target Recognition Using Multi-Agent UAV Swarms
Prithviraj Dasgupta
[108] Exploring Sensor Networks using Mobile Agents
Daniel Massaguer, Chien-Liang Fok, Nalini Venkatasubramanian, Gruia-Catalin Roman, Chenyang Lu
[112] TANDEM - a Design Method for Integrating Web Services into Multi-Agent Systems
Steve Goschnick, Sandrine Balbo, Leon Sterling, Christine Sun
[116] Agent Dependability as an Architectural Issue
Peter C. Lockemann, Jens Nimis
[126] A Composite Trust Model for Semantic Web
Xiaoqing Zheng, Zhaohui Wu, Huajun Cheng, Yuxin Mao
[134] Balancing the needs of players and spectators in agent-based commentary systems
Dan Fielding, Brian Logan, Steve Benford
[139] The complexity of model checking concurrent programs against CTLK specifications
Franco Raimondi, Alessio Lomuscio
[141] Learning to Cooperate in Multi-Agent Repeated Games
Enrique Munoz de Cote, Andrea Bonarini, Alessandro Lazaric, Marcello Restelli
[142] TEAKS: Simulation of Human Performance at Work to Support Team Configuration
Juan Martinez-Miranda, Arantza Aldea, Rene Banares-Alcantara, Matias Alvarado
[151] Stochastic Planning for Weakly-Coupled Distributed Agents
AnYuan Guo, Victor Lesser
[164] Distributed Lagrangean Relaxation Protocol for the Generalized Mutual Assignment Problem
Katsutoshi Hirayama
[165] Quorum Sensing on Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
Maxim Peysakhov, Chris Dugan, Jay Modi, William Regli
[167] Reconciling Ontological Differences on the Information Superhighway
Kendall Lister, Leon Sterling, Kuldar Taveter
[172] An Adaptive Plan-Based Dialogue Agent
Anh Nguyen, Wayne Wobcke
[179] A Deployed Multi-Agent Framework for Distributed Energy Applications
Geoff James, Dave Cohen, Robert Dodier, Glenn Platt, Doug Palmer
[188] Modelling Situations in Intelligent Agents
John Thangarajah, Lin Padgham
[189] The Interpreted System Model of Knowledge, Belief, Desire and Intention
Kaile Su, Xiangyu Luo, Abdul Sattar, Mehmet Orgun
[190] Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning Theory to Handle Beliefs of Other Agents' Policies and Embedded Beliefs
Takaki Makino, Kazuyuki Aihara
[193] Formalizing Typicality of Objects and Context-sensitivity in Ontologies
Ching Man Au Yeung, Ho-fung Leung
[194] Modelling Dynamics of Cognitive Agents by Higher-Order Potentialities
Tibor Bosse, Jan Treur
[200] Trust-based Agent Community for Collaborative Recommendation
Jianshu Weng, Chunyan Miao, Angela Goh
[212] Performance Evaluation of Open Source Multiagent Platforms
Luis Mulet, Jose Miguel Such, Juan Miguel Alberola, Vicent Botti, Agustin Espinosa, Ana Garcia, Andres Terrasa
[215] Designing Agent Chips
Insu Song, Guido Governatori
[216] Structural Evaluation of Agent Organizations
Davide Grossi, Frank Dignum, Virginia Dignum, Mehdi Dastani, Lamber Royakkers
[218] Operationalisation of Norms for Usage in Electronic Institutions
Huib Aldewereld, Andres Garcia-Camino, Frank Dignum, Pablo Noriega, Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Aguilar, Carles Sierra
[219] Action Awareness - Enabling Agents to Optimize, Transform, and Coordinate Plans
Freek Stulp, Michael Beetz
[223] Behaviosites: A Novel Paradigm for Affecting Distributed Behavior
Amit Shabtay, Zinovi Rabinovich, Jeffrey Rosenschein
[229] Prototyping 3APL in the Maude Term Rewriting Language
M. Birna van Riemsdijk, Frank de Boer, Mehdi Dastani, John-Jules Meyer
[232] Multiagent Systems as Software Architecture, Another Perspective on Software Engineering with MASs
Danny Weyns, Tom Holvoet, Kurt Schelfthout
[235] Mutual Enrichment Through Nested Belief Change
Laurent Perrussel, Jean-Marc Thevenin, Thomas Meyer
[240] Dynamic Cooperation Using Resource Based Planning
Utku Erdogdu, Faruk Polat
[243] The Architecture of Normative Systems
Guido Boella, Leendert van der Torre
[251] Automated Analysis and Verification of Agent Behavior
Tibor Bosse, Dung Lam, K. Suzanne Barber
[258] Programming Modular Robots with the TOTA Middleware
Marco Mamei, Franco Zambonelli
[261] The DynCOAA Algorithm for Dynamic Constraint Optimization Problems
Koenraad Mertens, Tom Holvoet, Yolande Berbers
[268] A Jabber-based Multi-Agent System Platform
Miguel Escriva, Javier Palanca, Gustavo Aranda, Ana Garcia, Vicente Julian, Vicent Botti
[270] A Scalable Method for Online Learning of Non-linear Preferences Based on Anonymous Negotiation Data
Koye Somefun
[274] Towards Formal Model of Adversarial Action in Multi-Agent Systems
Michal Pechoucek, Martin Rehak, Jan Tozicka
[278] The MAPa Language of Agent Dialogues
Christopher Walton, Adela Grando
[281] Rule Value Reinforcement Learning for Cognitive Agents
Christopher Child, Kostas Stathis
[282] Comparing Market and Token-Based Coordination
Yang Xu, Paul Scerri, Katia Sycara, Michael Lewis
[286] Beliefs, Desires and Intentions Through the Environment
Tom Holvoet, Paul Valckenaers
[289] How can agent know the global information without close coordination?
Satoshi Kurihara, Kensuke Fukuda, Shin-ya Sato, Toshiharu Sugawara
[310] Real-Time Target Evaluation Search
Cagatay Undeger, Faruk Polat
[312] A Comparative Study of Sequential and Simultaneous Auctions
Shaheen Fatima
[319] Approaches for resolving the dilemma between structure refinement and parameter calibration in ABS
Manuel Fehler, Franziska Klugl, Frank Puppe
[325] Goal Types in Agent Programming
Mehdi Dastani, M. Birna van Riemsdijk, John-Jules Meyer
[328] Belief Revision for AgentSpeak Agents
Natasha Alechina, Rafael Bordini, Jomi H・ner, Mark Jago, Brian Logan
[333] Negotiating Efficient Outcomes over Multiple Issues
Sabyasachi Saha, Sandip Sen
[335] Managing Social Influences through Argumentation-Based Negotiation
Nishan Karunatillake, Nick Jennings, Iyad Rahwan, Sarvapali Ramchurn
[340] Experimental analysis of privacy loss in DCOP algorithms
Rachel Greenstadt, Jonathan Pearce, Emma Bowring, Milind Tambe
[341] Competing Sellers in Online Markets: Reserve Prices, Shill Bidding, and Auction Fees
Enrico Gerding, Alex Rogers, Rajdeep Dash, Nick Jennings
[345] No-Commitment Branch and Bound Search for Distributed Constraint Optimization
Anton Chechetka, Katia Sycara
[347] Strategic voting when aggregating partially ordered preferences
Francesca Rossi, Maria Silvia Pini, Kristen Brent Venable, Toby Walsh
[348] An expressive approach to fuzzy constraint based agent purchase negotiation
Miguel Lopez-Carmona, Juan R. Velasco
[354] Organizational Self-Design in Semi-dynamic Environments
Sachin Kamboj, Keith Decker
[355] The hidden dangers of experimenting in distributed AI
Annika Smit, Masja Kempen, Andre Meyer, Niek Wijngaards
[356] Declarative Goal Patterns in AgentSpeak
Jomi H・ner, Rafael Bordini, Michael Wooldridge
[357] Constructive Knowledge: What Agents Can Achieve under Incomplete Information
Wojtek Jamroga, Thomas Agotnes
[368] Flexible agent protocols via temporal and resource-based reasoning
Duc Pham, James Harland
[381] Symbolic Negotiation Revisited
Peep K・gas, Mihhail Matskin
[384] A Decision-Theoretic Approach to File Consistency in Constrained Peer-to-Peer Device Networks
David Roberts, Sooraj Bhat, Charles Isbell, Brian Cooper, Jeffrey S. Pierce
[388] SAgent: A Security Framework for JADE
Vandana Gunupudi, Stephen Tate
[389] Learning Executable Agent Behaviors from Observation
Andrew Guillory, Hai Nguyen, Tucker Balch, Charles Isbell
[399] Run-Time Model Checking of Interaction and Deontic Models for Multi-Agent Systems
Nardine Osman, Dave Robertson, Christopher Walton
[405] An Agent Based General Solution Model For the Course Timetabling Problem
Yan Yang, Raman Paranjape, Luigi Benedicenti
[412] Evaluating Bidding Strategies for Simultaneous Auctions
Teddy Candale, Sandip Sen
[413] Learning to commit in repeated games
Stephane Airiau, Sandip Sen
[416] Modeling mental states in the analysis of multiagent systems requirements
Alexei Lapouchnian, Yves Lesperance
[430] Service-Oriented and Autonomous Distribution and Provision of Multimedia Contents
Fuyuki Ishikawa, Nobukazu Yoshioka, Shinichi Honiden
[433] Deriving Axioms Across Ontologies
Dejing Dou, Drew McDermott
[445] Execution Monitoring in BDI Agents
Abdul Sattar, Kewen Wang, Raihana Ferdous, Timothy Cleaver
[453] Coordinating simple and unreliable agents
Kagan Tumer
[456] Web Presentation System using Story Events : Preliminary Results
Arturo Nakasone, Helmut Prendinger, Mitsuru Ishizuku
[459] Solving POMDPs Using Quadratically Constrained Linear Programs
Christopher Amato, Daniel S. Bernstein, Shlomo Zilberstein
[460] RV_\sigma(t) : A unifying approach to performance and convergence in online multiagent learning
Bikramjit Banerjee, Jing Peng
[463] Hierarchical Variable Ordering for Distributed Constraint Optimization Problems
John Davin, Jay Modi
[465] A Multi-Issue Negotiation Protocol among Competitive Agents based on Auctions
Takayuki Ito, Mark Klein
[473] Multiagent-Based Participatory Design for Ubiquitous Computing
Toru Ishida
[475] A Role-based Semantics for Agent Communication Languages
Guido Boella, Rossana Damiano, Joris Hulstijn, Leendert van der Torre
[476] Agent-Community based Peer-to-Peer Information Retrieval - an Evaluation
Tsunenori Mine, Akihiro Kogo, Makoto Amamiya
[505] Convergence Analysis for Collective Vocabulary Development
Jun Wang, Les Gasser, Jim Houk
[518] RADIC - A Generic Component for the Integration of Existing Reactive and Deliberative Layers
Matthias Scheutz, James Kramer
[523] Business Process Adaptations via Protocols
Nirmit Desai, Amit Chopra, Munindar Singh
[525] Lenience towards Teammates Helps in Cooperative Multiagent Learning
Panait Liviu, Keith Sullivan, Sean Luke
[528] Congestion Tolls as Utility Alignment Between Agent and System Optimum
Ana Bazzan, Robert Junges
[530] Can Good Learners Always Compensate for Poor Learners?
Keith Sullivan, Panait Liviu, Gabriel Balan, Sean Luke
[539] Multi-agent based Community Computing System Development with the Model Driven Architecture
Yuna Jung, Jungtae Lee, Minkoo Kim
[545] A Service-Oriented Mobile Agent Scripting Language Encoded in a Process Calculus
Herve Paulino, Luis Lopes
[553] Auctioning Transformable Goods
Andrea Giovannucci, Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Aguilar, Jesus Cerquides
[556] Teaching New Teammates
Doran Chakraborty, Sandip Sen
[557] Learning Environment Regularities with a Constructivist Agent
Filipo Perotto, Luis Otavio Alvares
[558] Improving Reinforcement Learning with Context Detection
Bruno Silva, Eduardo Basso, Filipo Perotto
[561] Mixed-integer Linear Programming for Transition-independent Decentralized MDPs
Jianhui Wu, Edmund Durfee
[570] The Emergence of Global Properties from Local Interactions
Daniel Yamins
[574] A Stochastic Language for Modeling Opponent Agents
Gerardo Simari, Amy Sliva, Dana Nau, Venkatramanan Subrahmanian
[580] Learning a Common Language Through an Emergent Interaction Topology
Samarth Swarup, Kiran Lakkaraju, Les Gasser
[593] Enhancing Agent-Oriented Models with Aspects
Alessandro Garcia, Christina Chavez, Ricardo Choren
[597] A Constraint Optimization Framework for Fractured Robot Teams
Mary Koes, Katia Sycara, Illah Nourbakhsh
[601] ActorNet: An Actor Platform for Wireless Sensor Networks
YoungMin Kwon, Sundresh Sameer, Kirill Mechitov, Gul Agha
[602] Agent-based modeling of human education data
Yuqing Tang, Simon Parsons, Elizabeth Sklar
[606] Effect of deceptive referrals on system stability
Ikpeme Erete, Teddy Candale, Sandip Sen
[636] Study of Social Consciousness in Stochastic Agent-Based Simulations: Application to Supply Chains
Thierry Moyaux, Brahim Chaib-draa, Sophie D'Amours
[655] Software agents that learn through observation
Jacana Machado, Luis Botelho
[658] Organizational Petri nets for Protocol design and enactment
Stephanie Combettes, Chihab Hanachi, Christophe Sibertin-Blanc

Industrial Track

The papers' titles and/or author lists are subject to changes in the final versions.

Commercializing a Multiagent-Supported Collaborative System
Leen-Kiat Soh, Hong Jiang
Automating Supply Chain Negotiations using Autonomous Agents: a Case Study in Transportation Logistics
Sander van der Putten, Valentin Robu, Han La Poutre, Annemiek Jorritsma, Margo Gal
A Hotel Information System implementation using MAS technology
Armando Robles P., Pablo Noriega B.V., Marco Julio Robles P., Hector Hernandez T., Victor Soto Ramirez, Edgar Gutierrez S.
Deploying a Personalized Time Management Agent
Pauline Berry, Ken Conley, Melinda Gervasio, Bart Peintner, Tomas Uribe, Neil Yorke-Smith
Implantable Medical Devices as Agents and Part of Multiagent Systems
Touby Drew, Maria Gini
Automating Deep Space Network Scheduling and Conflict Resolution
Mark D. Johnston, Bradley J. Clement
ACTIVE: Agile Coordinator Testbed Integrated Virtual Environment
G. Emami, J. Cheng, D. Cornwell, M. Feldhousen, C. Long, V. Malhotra, I. Starnes, L. Kerschberg, A. Brodsky, X. Zhang
Commercial Applications of Agents: Lessons, Experiences and Challenges
Roxana A. Belecheanu, Steve Munroe, Michael Luck, Tim Miller, Peter McBurney
Towards a Reference Model for Intelligent Agent Systems
Pragnesh Jay Modi, Spiros Mancoridis, William M. Mongan, William Regli, Israel Mayk
Using Multiagent Teams to Improve the Training of Incident Commanders
Nathan Schurr, Pratik Patil, Fred Pighin, Milind Tambe
Autonomous Agents for Air-Traffic Deconfliction
Michal P?chou?ek, David ?i?lak, Du?an Pavli?ek, Miroslav Uller
Utility-based Collaboration among Autonomous Agents for Resource Allocation in Data Centers
Rajarshi Das, Ian N. Whalley, Jeffrey O. Kephart
Multi-Agent Logistics i-Scheduler for Road Transportation
Jonathan Himoff, George Rzevski, Petr Skobelev
The Role of Agents in Enterprise System Management
Onn Shehory
A Computer-Supported Cooperative Learning System with Multiagent Intelligence
Leen-Kiat Soh, Nobel Khandaker, Xuliu Liu, Hong Jiang