Industry Track Programs


IT1 13:25 - 15:05

Towards a Reference Model for Intelligent Agent Systems
Pragnesh Jay Modi, Spiros Mancoridis, William M. Mongan, William Regli, Israel Mayk

Automating Deep Space Network Scheduling and Conflict Resolution
Mark D. Johnston, Bradley J. Clement

Using Multiagent Teams to Improve the Training of Incident Commanders
Nathan Schurr, Pratik Patil, Fred Pighin, Milind Tambe

Autonomous Agents for Air-Traffic Deconfliction
Michal Pechoucek, David Sislak, Dusan Pavlicek, Miroslav Uller

IT2 15:25 - 16:25

Automating Supply Chain Negotiations using Autonomous Agents: a Case Study in Transportation Logistics
Sander van der Putten, Valentin Robu, Han La Poutre, Annemiek Jorritsma, Margo Gal

Multi-Agent Logistics i-Scheduler for Road Transportation
Jonathan Himoff, George Rzevski, Petr Skobelev

Commercializing a Multiagent-Supported Collaborative System
Leen-Kiat Soh, Hong Jiang


IT3 10:25 - 12:05

The Role of Agents in Enterprise System Management
Onn Shehory

Implantable Medical Devices as Agents and Part of Multiagent Systems
Touby Drew, Maria Gini

A Hotel Information System implementation using MAS technology
Armando Robles P., Pablo Noriega B.V., Marco Julio Robles P., Hector Hernandez T., Victor Soto Ramirez, Edgar Gutierrez S.

Commercial Applications of Agents: Lessons, Experiences and Challenges
Roxana A. Belecheanu, Steve Munroe, Michael Luck, Tim Miller, Peter McBurney, Michal Pechoucek

IT4 13:25 - 15:05

A Computer-Supported Cooperative Learning System with Multiagent Intelligence
Leen-Kiat Soh, Nobel Khandaker, Xuliu Liu, Hong Jiang

Deploying a Personalized Time Management Agent
Pauline Berry, Ken Conley, Melinda Gervasio, Bart Peintner, Tomas Uribe, Neil Yorke-Smith

Utility-based Collaboration among Autonomous Agents for Resource Allocation in Data Centers
Rajarshi Das, Ian N. Whalley, Jeffrey O. Kephart

ACTIVE: Agile Coordinator Testbed Integrated Virtual Environment
G. Emami, J. Cheng, D. Cornwell, M. Feldhousen, C. Long, V. Malhotra, I. Starnes, L. Kerschberg, A. Brodsky, X. Zhang

IT5 15:25 - 16:25

Panel, Chaired by Dr. Brad Clement, NASA / JPL