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Hakodate is connected to major international airports in Japan, Tokyo (Narita Airport), Osaka (Kansai Airport) and Nagoya (Chubu Airport).
We recommend coming by plane (See the following map).

a) from Major Airports in Japan to Hakodate Airport:

  1. Tokyo (Narita Airport) [NRT]:
    Tokyo (Narita Airport) is a major international airport and gateway for people traveling to Japan. Direct flights can be taken from almost any country in the world to Narita Airport. The way from Narita Airport to Hakodate Airport is as follows:
    Tokyo (Narita Airport) -> Tokyo (Haneda Airport) -> Hakodate Airport:
    After arriving at Narita, you can get to Haneda Airport by an airport bus (the time required: 1 hour 15 minutes). After that, you get to Hakodate Airport by plane (1 hour 20 minutes). There are seven daily flights between Haneda and Hakodate.
  2. Osaka (Kansai Airport)[KIX]:
    Osaka (Kansai Airport) is the second largest airport in Japan. There are two daily direct flights between Kansai and Hakodate (2 hours).
  3. Nagoya (Chubu Airport)[NGO]:
    There is one daily direct flight between Chubu and Hakodate (1 hour 30 minutes).

b) from Hakodate Airport to Conference Site:

  1. by shuttle bus:
    We plan to prepare a free shuttle bus from Hakodate Airport to the conference site (Future University-Hakodate). The schedule of the shuttle bus will be updated later.
  2. by taxi:
    Taxis in Japan are safe but a bit expensive. A taxi from Hakodate Airport to conference site costs around 4,000 yen ($37).

c) from Hakodate Airport to Hotels:

  1. by taxi:
    A taxi from Hakodate Airport to the main hotels costs around 2,000 yen ($18).

About getting the the conference venue or hotels in details, see the following local transportation pages.


Local Transporation pages
-> AAMAS Free Shuttle Bus (including City Map)
-> Other Transportation

Important Notice (IMPORTANT!!):

1. The last flight from Haneda Airport to Hakodate Airport departs at 17:25. So, if you are planning to arrive at Narita airport in the afternoon or evening, we strongly recommend that you stay one night in a hotel in the vicinity of Narita airport, or in the center of Tokyo. Then, on the following morning, go to Haneda Airport by Airport Limoisine Bus.

2. For information about getting from Narita to Haneda, try this web page;

3. Sapporo, the biggest city in Hokkaido, has an airport (Sapporo/New Chitose Airport) which is larger than the one in Hakodate. However, it takes about 3.5 hrs to get to Hakodate by train from Sapporo, so it is not a realistic option to fly to Sapporo first and then travel to Hakodate by train, unless of course you plan to spend a few days in Sapporo before coming to Hakodate.

4. "The Golden Week" is a collection of four national holidays within seven days (in 2006, from 29th April to 7th May). In combination with well placed weekends, the Golden Week becomes one of Japan's busiest holiday seasons. Trains, airports and sightseeing spots get very crowded during Golden Week, and accommodation in tourist areas are booked out well in advance. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you reserve your flights and hotels as soon as possible.

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