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Election of new IFAAMAS Board Members

In May 2018, IFAAMAS will be holding the sixth of its biennial elections to choose 9 new Board members (i.e., replacing 1/3 of the Board). Eligible voters and candidates in the election are the members of the IFAAMAS community, which by IFAAMAS by-laws are those who have attended at least 2 out of the last 4 AAMAS conferences. The list of eligible voters and candidates can be found here.

Call for Nominations

Candidates for the election must be members of the IFAAMAS community (i.e., their name must be on the list of eligible voters). A candidate for the Board must be nominated and seconded by members of the IFAAMAS community (i.e., eligible voters for the 2018 elections) or nominated by a current member of the IFAAMAS Board of Directors. A retiring Board member who has served a full six-year term may not immediately stand for re-election. If in doubt about eligibility or the nomination process, feel free to send questions to "ifaamas-elections <AT> tudelft <DOT> nl".

Before nominating or seconding a candidate, you should confirm that the nominee is willing to serve. The nomination should include a short statement and bio (1 page maximum, PDF format) presenting the candidate’s background, previous service to the field, and issues they would address as a Board member. Nominations must be sent to "ifaamas-elections <AT> tudelft <DOT> nl" from 16nd of March to 13th of April 2018. Although not required, we strongly encourage people to notify us by the first week of April of the intent to nominate a candidate.

The nomination statements of the elected candidates in the last IFAAMAS Board election can still be found here to be used as examples for the statement required for nomination. From the nominations, the Elections Committee will draw up a list of candidates and will then conduct the voting to elect the new Board members.

IFAAMAS represents the entire AAMAS community and is therefore interested in encouraging diversity in all its various forms (including but not limited to regional, gender, and research area) among candidates and on the Board. Regarding geographical balance, of the 18 members remaining on the Board there are 6 from the Americas (of which 3 from the USA), 7 from Europe, 2 from the Middle East, and 3 from Asia-Pacific. Regarding gender diversity, of those 18 Board members there are 8 women and 10 men. The IFAAMAS Elections Committee wishes to particularly encourage the nomination of female candidates.